Why Do People Wear Coupons

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Writing an Explanation By: annomyous On TLC, there is a new show called “Extreme Couponing”. It portrays people spending countless hours obtaining coupons, then going to the grocery store and buying hundreds of items in bulk, just to save money. In this theme, I will explain how over the years consumers, have changed their spending habits, and are now shopping smart and using coupons. Two of the areas that I feel have seen the biggest impact of people shopping smart are grocery stores and some different forms of entertainment, such as, movies, restaurants, and electronic devices. One of the biggest areas that have seen a great change in consumer spending is grocery stores. More and more people are switching from name brand products to off brand and store brand products. People are also opting for discount food stores, such as ALDI, for cheap variations of the food they love. Lastly, one of the biggest new trends is using coupons. With the use of coupons people can reduce their final bill, and save money. The second…show more content…
Shopping smart has affected my family greatly. We buy off brand groceries, and use coupons, and we don’t go out to movies and restaurants as much, but we still find fun, low-cost ways of entertainment. I think this change is a good change, because it is teaching people to get what they want and save money, and then using the money that they saved for other things. There really isn’t anything that I miss about the time before the change. The change has only had a good outcome for my family. Every person in the world goes through change. Sometimes it’s big, and other times it’s small. Sometimes it’s good change, and sometimes it’s bad, but no matter what kind of change you experience, the best way to look at it, is to accept it, and use it to better your

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