Voices of Freedom

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1.) Why does Paine begin his argument for independence with an attack on monarchy and hereditary succession? Thomas Paine attacked monarchy and hereditary succession in the beginning of his argument because he wanted to gain more support on the revolt against Britain. His approach was straightforward and got right to the point for the independence movement and the rights of all men. He wanted to show that supporting the independence movement instead of remaining loyal to the British Crown was a better idea and would result in happier lives. 2.) What does Paine see as the global significance of the American struggle for Independence? Freedom was the entire goal here because Paine believed the colonists deserved the right to be free from the British monarchy. If America were to remain under British rule it would only cause more conflict between the countries in Europe because other countries were trying to get a piece of America for themselves. Paine is saying that if America gains independence the fighting will stop among Europe, and America can benefit all countries with trade. 3.) Why does Chalmers equate independence with slavery? I think Chalmers equates independence with slavery because he already believed he was free under British rule. He mentions how he is proud and loves his country and there shouldn’t even be any change to independence because Britain protects them from becoming taken over. 4.) How does the language used by the two writers differ, and what does this tell us about their views of politics? Paine’s writing is much more poetic to me in my opinion. He covers a wide range of topics within his text with words of passion on freedom and independence. I think his liberal views speak through his writing because he wants equality for everyone. Chalmers writing is also passionate, but he doesn’t show the extensive writing ability like
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