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History S. Kiser 03/04/14 The First National Debate over Slavery 1. At the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, What were the main arguments for and against federal restrictions on the Atlantic slave trade? How do you explain the position taken by the Connecticut delegates in Philadelphia and Mr. Heath in the Massachusetts debate? a. They were for slavery because of the finical gain. The labor they didn’t have to do and taxes. They were against slavery because they felt that the government couldn’t control the importation of slavery. The position that the Connecticut delegates and Mr. Heath in the Massachusetts debate took in the lead role of not participate in the slave trade. This was done by prohibiting the importation of slaves. 2. Why did George Mason, a Virginia slave owner, demand a prohibition of the Atlantic slave trade? a. George Mason wasn’t concerned about the Importing states alone, but the whole union. He held essential in every point of view that the general government should have power to prevent the increase of slavery. 3. What evidence of regional tensions appears in the documents? Several men from different states – Mason from Virginia, Ellsworth from Connecticut, and Heath from Massachusetts- offered predictions about the future of slavery. How accurate are they? a. Part of the regional tensions were due the northern delegates wanting to end slavery and the southern delegates wanting to increase slavery .Mason of Virginia was against slavery, he felt the government should have more power over slavery. His predictions are pretty accurate. Ellsworth from Connecticut considered in moral light, ought to free those already in the country. He predicted slave in time will not be a speck in our country. His predictions were very accurate. Heath from Massachusetts Detests every idea of slavery but he feels slavery would still exists. He
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