Compromise Play In Delaying The Civil War

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What Role Did Compromise Play In Delaying The Civil War. Compromises were a way to stop or slow the spread of slavery to the northern states and to the territories to the west. It also was keeping the nation united by trying to give everyone something that they wanted. As of 1850 there were an equal number of free states and slave states. As territories were considered for statehood, the government wanted to be sure that there was an equal number of free and slave states admitted. The territories did not want the government to decide if they were to be a free or slave state. They wanted it to be what the majority of the citizens wanted, popular sovereignty. The Missouri Compromise involved admitting Missouri as a slave state. In order to do this they had to have another one admitted as a free state. This was to be Maine, some land that was a part of Maryland. In order for this to pass there were other things involved. Slavery was to be prohibited in the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase territory, north of Missouri. Missouri would not allow free black people into the state, this was against the U.S. Constitution. Eventually Missouri redid the Constitution so that they could be accepted as a state. The number of representatives in the House depended on the number of citizens living in that state. The South was getting worried because of the population growth in the North. The United States was growing fast. By 1850 there were territories to the Pacific Ocean. The California Territory wanted to become a state and be admitted as a free state. This did not make the South happy, it would mean more free states than slave states were being represented in the House. Before the Compromise off 1850 every was passed, it went through a lot of rejections by the Senate. A senator by the name of Stephen A Douglas worked hard at keeping the compromise alive. Eventually
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