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Executive Summary Mr. Shaver, product planning manager for BMW Group Canada, is thinking to relaunch the BMW Individual Collection program with a new strategic plan. Individual program was launched in 2002. Due to many reasons, program was seen as a secondary priority and program failed. Mr. Shaver tries to reposition it to target the right customer segments and start again. Prestige and image seeker segment and rich class segment as target in program re-launch. If it is not successful, the young driver segment can be added. Problem Statements Mr. Shaver needs to identify and attract the right customer segments. In addition, Mr. Shaver needs to build up the right strategies to position offers against competitor’s offers in the market. Company Objectives The company objectives are as follows, - To maintain and improve market share for both core business and IC business - to continue producing and improving vehicles with enjoying performance while preserving the environment Company Background BMW Canada Inc. was formed in 1986. It encompasses a total of 39 automobile retail centers, 18 motorcycle retailers and 22 MINI retailers. BMW Individual Collection (IC) program launched in 2002. IC combined exclusive paint, upholstery and trim options to provide customized solutions for BMW cars. The launch was success as evidenced by high consumer interest, strong retailer participation and profitability. However, over the past a few years, the total car sales continued to grow but IC sale declined substantially. Situation Analysis Strengths • BMW is a famous premium car manufacturer. BMW cars are well known as combination of great performance, comfort, luxury, and sportiness. • BMW IC program offers customized vehicle. This is the first-time offer in the market and competition is not yet strong. IC program provide customers with opportunity to

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