Audi A3 Marketing analysis

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Marketing - Case Study AUDI A3 Sportback Audi is a brand of the Volswagen group which is the largest car manufacturer in EU. The Audi A3 is a real pillar of the Audi Brand. Today Audi is about to launch the Audi A3 Sportback. What strategy should we set up in order to launch this new car ? SWOT These analyze of the internal and external diagnostic of our brand and market aims at adapting the strategy regarding those two contexts. Internal diagnostic Strenghts Weaknesses VAG = largest car manufacturer in EU, 4th in the world Positive growth for Audi France Strong image among customers Pioneer of the “premuim” compact models A3 sportback is the 1st five doors car sporty as a coupé Innovative, modern, attractive Car matches with the new group strategy VAG dropped in sales in many markets Financial difficulties Social conflicts in the last few years External diagnostic Opportunities Threats Growing success of “niche” Manufacturers have to be attentive to cutomers needs “Premium” models should undergo a growth of 50% by 2010 The compact segment should grow by 20 % until 2010 Affected by the overall economic situation = unfavorable to vehicules sale Market has come to maturity General drop in car sales in EU Unfavorable exchange rate for European car markets Increase in raw material cost: gas is the most concrete example Competition between “Premium”models should probably be more and more intense Speed limit Environmental concerns may affect consumer decision making. Marketing strategy When we set up the strategy we have to think of: How are we going to make people know about the new car? How are we going to make them like the new car? How are we going to make them change their habits in order to make them buy the new car? Objectives Brand objectives Attract new customers and

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