Violent Video Games And Effects

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Violent Video Games and Effect (Evaluative) Video games violence and effect: good and bad written by James Gee addresses an audience who think video games are a violent tool to their children. It seems his readers are parents and also young gamers. The main focus of this essay is that violent video games should not be condemned but instead be examined to see what advantages it has. I strongly believe that the author is a matured gamer who has come to understand the values of playing video games. The author has that focus because of the growing grudge towards violence game; making people think that video games kicks a sense of violence into individuals. The type of evidence mainly relied on this essay is expert opinions. However other sources of evidence are also provided like experimental data, when the author said some experiment was conducted to know the effect of video games and people who played a certain game were able to win their competitor in button pushing task. Another piece of evidence offered was the fact that there has been a pronounce decrease in violence from 1992 with the first make of violent games like mortal combat. One point that should be separated should be that video games are a way of understanding what goes on in another world using an avatar in a virtual world. Video games help one understand someone’s job from the inside from mere controlling an avatar. I like this point because the author goes on to add humor, saying that because he planted so many corn in a game required to plant corn doesn’t mean he is going to run out in the real world to plant as much corn he planted, he also gives another example that about grand theft auto (where fighting on the street is common) saying anybody who plays it is not going to act like that in the real world. Which also brings up the point that human beings respond and out act to the media too
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