Victims of War Helping

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How can religious people help victims of war? Religious people can do many things to help victims of war but so can non – religious people. Religious people might do certain things to help victims of war, for example donating money to charity. The money donated can be used to give supplies to those injured, and also provide them with a shelter and food. Christians may also set up charities in order to raise awareness for victims of war, so people can donate to help the victims. By setting up an organisation war victims can help be helped in many different ways, and it is up to the founder as to what they do. This is more efficient than just donating money as more people can be helped in a shorter time. An example of a charity which helps victims of war is the Red Cross, which is a non profit organization, helping the people affected by war. Religious people do many things to help the victims of war, but also have reasons for doing so. Christians may help victims of war because it states that they should help victims of war, good or bad in their religious book the bible. "Do for others what you want them to do for you" (Matthew 7:12). This quote tells us Christians may want to help war victims because on another day they might need someone else's help. Another way of interpreting the quote is that whoever the person is they deserved to be helped, as the religious person could be in the same position. Christians may help war victims because it is what Jesus or God would do and they might feel pity towards others. Muslim people may also help war victims because they believe you should help others as you would also help yourself. This is shown in the quote "none of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself" (Hadith 13). On the other hand, non religious people can also do many things to help victims of war. Non religious people
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