End of Life Care

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1a Outline how the following factors can affect people’s views about death and dying.a) Social factors Social factors that can affect people's views about death and dying are: loss of relationship and their role within the community; worries about emotional, psychological and social state of their relative and close friends; worries about financial state of their dependants. These factors influence on persons behaviour or/and choices. He/she can reduce communication with close people, carers or even isolate him/herself from society. It is important to support the dying person through the process of anticipatory grief by being near him, trying to keep him occupied with his favourite hobbies etc, discussing news, finding positive thinks. 1b b) Cultural factors We are a multicultural society with different believes about the death. Providing end of life care you should know person's cultural identity, beliefs. It is important to act or support family and close people in a way they act, join their tradition. Amongst British people, particularly the elderly, there remains a strong belief in the stiff upper lip. Men in particular may feel that expressing emotions in public is inappropriate. However, in Hindu and Sikh cultures there is much more acceptance of very vocal and public expressions of grief and this can sometimes come as a shock to those that are not aware of these social norms. 1c c) Religious factors There are many aspects that are influenced by religious factors: the choice of active treatment, end of life care, attitude to illness. Some people can find peace and serenity when discovered the illness and come to the church. The experience, illness or pain they are going through may have different meaning in their mind: punishment , the cross that every person has in their life or even they have done everything that was intended by God for their soles. Beyond
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