Victims of Intimate Violence

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Victims of Intimate Violence Angela Anderson CJ3365 November 27,2011 Abstract In this paper, the reader will have insight on two individual stories of Tina Watson and Minh Dang. One is a stunning story of a murdered newly wed bride while the other is a story of child abuse and sexual exploitation. These stories are an example of Intimate Violence. In which the perpetrators are loved ones. One may wonder how a husband or a parent can commit crimes such as these. I hope that the reader will have more understanding and knowledge of why and how a loved one can attack merciless. Introduction When someone close to you such as a family member, ex- boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, spouse or a close acquaintance inflicts murder, sexual abuse or stalking on a victim, it is referred as intimate violence. Majority of the times, intimate violence occurs against women and children the most. In essence, victims of intimate violence may be physically injured or threatened with injury unless they comply with the demands of the offender (Meadows, 2010). Public awareness about spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, elder abuse and rape has been a high profile topic for many decades. Nevertheless, has there been a solution to this problem? Moreover, will there ever be? Why would a man decide to put a ring on his love’s finger only to end her life? In October 2003 two days after their wedding Tina Watson and her husband Gabe, flew to Australia to their dream honeymoon: scuba diving along Australia’s great Barrier Reef. Tina 26, who was not adventurous. A former model who would rather be at a shopping mall than outdoors resided from Birmingham Alabama along with her newly wed husband. Although Tina had no experience at scuba diving, her husband Gabe was an experienced rescue diver. Tina was reportedly excited about diving with her groom by her side. As their boat

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