Domestic Violence and Selfdefense Essay

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A very large number of crimes, especially domestic violence against women make it very important nowadays to know how to defend themselves, and people around them physically. In the past decades, the issue of domestic violence against women, which is physical, psychological, and sexual violence in an intimate partnership has not yet significantly decreased all over the world. All over the globe, campaigns have started to solve this very affecting issue, and studies to explore the reasons for this kind of behavior towards women have been issued. In 1994, the American group “Violence Against Women Act”, shortly called the VAWA, was founded for the purpose of improving social service for victims of domestic violence, and improving criminal justice enforcement and intervention. The VAWA created several guidelines to avoid domestic violence, and protect women. These guidelines are creating safe homes and streets for females, equal justice in courts, reduction of domestic violence and stalking, protection and more safety for abused women and children from abroad, and strengthening the already existing laws. The American Journal of Public Health published a case study in 2003 to explore the reasons for domestic violence, and the term Femicide, which is used to explain that a partner killed his or her female spouse, has been created. The homicide of women started to attract more awareness, and the expression Femicide increased the awareness that there is such a thing as domestic violence against women. The case study discovered that there are multiple reasons to be more likely to become a victim of domestic violence. Some of those reasons are unemployment, criminal records of the abuser in the past, weapons in the household and violent intimate relationships between the victim and the abuser. The United Nations as well as several governments from influential countries

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