Value Alignment Essay

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Value Alignment Team B will analyze the organization Starbucks. This evaluation will analyze the subsequent evolution of personal values and workplace values within Starbucks. This paper will describe how an individual’s values drive that individual’s actions and behaviors, and include an analysis of the alignment between personal values and actions and behaviors. Also outlined in this examination is a description of the differences of personal values and those values of the organization. Values are important in everyday life, and play a role in both personal lives and in the workplace. Personal values are an individual’s belief system or code of ethics (Personal Values, 2013). A person’s individual values are instilled from behaviors taught as a child. Personal values are absorbed during childhood from parents, family, church, and other factors. Personal values are also absorbed culture, traditions, and social standards. Personal values could include commitment, integrity, accountability, and responsibility. The things learned as a child have a large impact on the actions and behaviors of an individual. Two people may be grow-up together and taught the same values, does not result in the same future choices. The actions and responses of both people may be different that will cause them to have different futures. One person may think logical, and the other may think and resolve issues using hope. People make decisions that are a direct impact on the values instilled in them. Personal values are often brought over into the workplace and may affect an individual’s work performance. Workplace values may be different from an individual’s personal values. A code of conduct is present in organizations and is defined as a set of ethical standards to which a company aims to adhere usually produced by the company and vary considerably in design and objective

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