Using Relevant Research Discuss How and Why Particular Research Methods Are Used in Social Psychology

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Using relevant research, discuss how and why particular research methods are used at the sociocultural level of analysis There are several different research methods used in psychology such as experimentations (lab, field and quasi), naturalistic observations, and studies (case, cross-cultural). The most favourable in SCLOA are naturalistic observations in order to achieve more qualitative research. This is important in social-cultural psychology as the aim is to investigate the influences of social environment on behaviour and thoughts and to do this most effectively high ecological value is desirable. Despite this, there has been some very famous research obtained through the experimental method. The experimental method is a study of cause and effect. It differs from non-experimental methods in that it involves the deliberate manipulation of one variable (the independent), whilst keeping all other variables constant and specifically measuring the dependent variable. After an experiment is performed a statistical analysis of the results allows conclusion to be drawn between the relationship of the variables based on rejecting either the research hypothesis or the null hypothesis. The experimental method splits three different types, a field experiment (an experiment conducted in the natural environment), a natural or quasi experiment (when the independednt variable is natrurally occurring outside of the experiment) and finally a lab experiment. A lab experiment is different as it is in a controlled environment with control over the independent variable as well as all confounding variables, the dependent will be being measured. A experimental is usually designed so that there is a control group and experimental group/s. A change is introduced to the experimental group but not the control. The control group gives the researcher a baseline against which to judge

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