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Lebanese American University HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Case Study: “Using 360-Degree Feedback” Name: Imad Sbeity ID: 200804208 1- What are the potential benefits of 360-degree feedback? Performance appraisal is a method by which an employee is evaluated. It is a process of obtaining records and information about the performance of an employee which leads to know its worth in an organization. Performance appraisal is not only based on the productivity. There are other factors such as teamwork, values and commitment. There are many methods to asses performance appraisal like Management by objectives (MBO), 360-degree appraisal feedback and Behavioral observation scale. 360-degree feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports. 360-degree feedback is perhaps the most successful system of appraisal available and it has many benefits : 1. We get many results from multiple perspectives. Each employee get feedback from managers, coworkers, lower-employees and any employee who’s tasks are related to him. Having many perspectives leads to a better understanding of employees behavior and performance, and makes the feedback credible because the employee will not feel that he is being targeted by one person. 2. Good relationship between employees who work together. When employees know that their performance and the way they deal with each other will affect their appraisals, they will care more about their actions and they will do their tasks in a better way. As a consequence, teamwork will be strengthened and improved. 3. The issue of appraising top-managers was solved in the 360-degree feedback system. The best way to appraise top-managers is to allow lower-level employees to

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