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In what ways does Zappos’ culture help and/or hinder the company’s performance? * As an organization grows, it is imperative to have quality talent. Zappos strength was in its hiring practices that focused on organization-fit apart from skill-fit. With a strong people oriented culture already in place, they were adept in judging the fit based on the criteria they created for the culture which in turn led to long term success for the employees. This vision reflected in their extensive hiring practices. * Their strong culture paved the way to become a marketable brand on its own in the industry resulting in talent pool augmentation. * The biggest advantage posed by their strong culture was the ease of buy-in among the new and current employees which resulted in better assimilation and integration of their core principles and vision. The culture was pervasive at all levels of the organization that buy-in was evident in a short span of time. * The culture at Zappos made it possible for the management to delegate and share responsibilities among the peers. This was evident in the vision created by the CEO of a boundary-less organization. * Their egalitarian culture and empowerment aided them in being innovative and helped the management in tapping and maximizing the creative potential of their employees. This was evident in their strong emphasis on cross-training of employees as part of the new hire process and at making it available for various career enhancing training avenues. * Zappos has been highly successful in keeping the professional confines of the employees as an extension of their family. Instead of focusing on “work-life separation” or “work-life balance,” Zappos focuses on “work-life integration.” They live by their motto of superior customer service every day. Everyone is involved in taking care of customers, so they get exposed

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