Unpredictable Fate Essay

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Unpredictable Fate The movie No Country for Old Men shows that fate affects the lives of everyone and no matter what decisions people make, everything happens as it was meant to. Every single choice a person makes can set off many other reactions. We feel as though we have the control over our lives, but maybe we do not. The movie shows that all of are actions and choices are predetermined, and we have no control over our destiny. The movie begins by showing the open country in Texas as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell talks about the changing times and how one man he put away had no remorse for killing a little girl. We then see Anton Chigurh, a hit man being arrested by a deputy. Anton uses his handcuffs to strangle the deputy to death at the jailhouse. Anton is an evil looking man who always wears black and always a serious face. He is the main symbol of fate throughout the movie, and through all the chaos seems to be the only person in control. Next we see Llewellyn Moss hunting in the open plains, where he finds a group of dead Mexicans and trucks. Moss recognizes this is a drug deal gone wrong. In one truck is a surviving Mexican who asks for water. Llewellyn looks around hoping to find the drug money, which he does. Moss did not take into account what the consequences of taking the money could be. Moss takes the briefcase of two million dollars back to his trailer. He cannot sleep as he thinks about the Mexican who asked for water. This seemingly small part of the movie actually sets off a chain of events. The Mexican did not realize that he would eventually determine Llewellyn’s fate. Llewellyn’s guilty conscience was a key to his eventual demise. While bringing the man water, a group of men shoot and chase Llewellyn. He has to abandon his truck which is later used to identify him. Meanwhile Anton stops at a gas station for gas and peanuts where he

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