Noah Underwood's Story Analysis

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he story is told from the bias perspective of Noah Underwood, a boy who is fourteen, born and raised in the Florida Keys. Noah's father, Paine Underwood, a passionate environmentalist, has been arrested for sinking the Coral Queen, a casino boat operated by Dusty Muleman. Paine is openly proud of what he's done, and seems unworried by the legal consequences. His wife Donna, however, is furious. Paine has been arrested twice before and she's getting fed up with it. Paine believes Dusty Muleman has been dumping sewage from the boat's holding tank into the ocean at night. However, Noah and his younger sister Abbey visit the marina, and see that the Coral Queen will be re-floated and back in action by the end of the week. Paine's act of protest…show more content…
Grandpa Bobby tells his story: some people offered him a job smuggling emeralds from South America, but later double-crossed him, tried to kill him, and stole his beloved fishing boat. Ever since then, he's been trying to track them down and get back his boat. It hurt to think that everyone thought he was dead, but it was necessary. First, he didn't want the guys he was looking for to know he was still alive; second, he also knew that if his son found out, he would, true to form, drop everything and rush down to South America without another thought. Grandpa Bobby was in a bar in a small fishing village in Colombia when he saw Paine's interview on the satellite TV. Hitching his way back to Florida, he tailed Noah and Abbey, suspecting what they were up to. Noah then tells the story of Operation Royal Flush, though Grandpa Bobby adds that the "gun" was just a flare. The Coast Guard shuts down the boat immediately. When Noah and Abbey go to thank Shelly, they find that Lice Peeking wasn't killed or kidnapped, just scared into running away. He came back, says Shelly, because he missed her. The kids are equally surprised to hear her say she's taking him

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