Universal Health Care System In The United States

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Universal Health Care System There is a saying from Chinese, “Health is wealth”. In the United States, American government does not care a fig for healthcare system because American government thought American healthcare system is better than other countries in the world, and it had experiences about healthcare system. Some people think the Universal Health Care providing unfair coverage, high expense because of high taxes, and worse health. However, once people get sick or have some healthy problems, the Universal Health Care is the best support for them. In fact, the Universal Health Care will provide fairer coverage, lower costs, and better health to all citizens of the United States. Some American thought the USA does not need Universal Health Care System because they had bought insurance, and…show more content…
So the government needs Universal Health Care System to protect people without insurance companies. For example, there is a tearful widow named Roland who blames an insurance company for denying her husband a possibly life-saving bone-marrow transplant. She said if the insurance company could give money to her at once, her husband could take a stone-hearted misanthrope and could not die (Sicko). In this case, if government had Universal Health Care System, even if the insurance companies would deny responsibility, people could still be protected by Universal Health Care System. By the ways, some people asked why some insurance companies could deny responsibility. The reasons are: the insurance law still had many weaknesses which were used by these insurance companies. However, if government has Universal Health Care System, it could reduce hurt for people because Universal Health Care System could help people when insurance denied responsibility. For example, Wade Dill had a job in Iraq for a company to kill disease-carrying flies and rabid dogs. As he

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