Universal Health Care History

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The topic of universal healthcare has been discussed numerous times throughout history, and the same questions always appear, “Do we have a moral obligation to provide healthcare to everyone or is healthcare a commodity that should be subject to the same marketplace influences as other commodities?”, “What should the government's role be in providing access to healthcare for Americans?”, “Should employers be required by law to offer health insurance to employees?”. These are examples of only a few frequently asked questions on this controversial topic. The reason we ask ourselves these questions is because health is important to everyone. Normally, one would think that healthcare should be provided to everybody since it is essential to a healthy life, but there are many other factors to consider as well; factors such as, money for healthcare, who it applies to and what it applies to. Since the money to fund government healthcare programs comes from us, the citizens, it is important to decide how the money is spent for healthcare.…show more content…
Great Britain also began their healthcare program shortly after Germany. Although the form of universal health care has changed with the advances of technology, it is provided in some way or another by every nation in the world except the United States. Universal health care has been recognized as a basic human right and was defined as such in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document was drafted shortly after World War II and voted on by the United Nations. The United States chose not to ratify the social and economic sections of the declaration that covered health care. Since that time, healthcare in the United States has been a program for those who could afford it, instead of it being basic human right. Rising costs of health care have forced people to choose between food, rent and medical

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