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Terika White Andrew Zboralski ENG 122 February 10, 2013 “Pro-Life Without Choice” In the New York Times article titled “Three Rulings Against Women's Rights” published July 31, 2012 an unnamed author in The Opinion Pages argues that in three separate cases the rights of women were erroneously disregarded. On three different occasions District and Supreme Court judges thought it would be a better idea for women to be withheld their rights just because of their belief of pro-choice, whether in the form of abortion or contraceptives. Although, this has been an ongoing argument since the beginning of time, to date these rights are still protected by the Constitution. Judges are meant to protect this and not make up their own rules along the…show more content…
The news right now is peppered with articles about Obama's actions of making sure all companies offer insurance for their employees that includes contraception. Dan Mercia of CNN writes it as, “An original mandate on providing contraception was part of the new federal healthcare law spearheaded by Obama, the Affordable Care Act. It required that insurers provide, at no cost to those insured, all forms of contraception approved by the Food and Drug Administration.” This is not something that is making the Catholic people happy because they believe life should not be prevented. The author of the NY TIMES article talks about just such a case when Judge John Kane issues an injunction against Obama's insurance mandate. There is nothing that says judges, individuals, or companies can ignore a law once its made because their beliefs don't follow under that law. Some people may believe in human sacrifice but that doesn't make it any less then murder. In The Judge John Kane case it was said that they were merely trying to follow through with their First Amendment right of freedom of religion. Although freedom of religion means they have the freedom to have it within the boundaries of the law. Health insurance is not a part of the religion therefore they must follow the Obama mandate. This would be another great point in that it is not their body, the body of the courts, their employers, nor the doctors to state what women should be doing with their body. Wikipedia states that the Justice Departments' job is to, “responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice" which they tried to do in this case but Judge Kane ignored them. Roe V Wade decided that years ago that women have the right to have contraception and abortions up unto what is

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