Unit 9 Infection Prevention and Control

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Jennifer Holder Unit 9: The principles of infection prevention and control. Understand the roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infection: 1.1 Employee's are responsible for numerous things in relation to the control and prevention of infection. It is the employee's responsibility to ensure that they protect themselves, colleagues, patients and visitors from infection by adhering to infection control policies. Employee's should always wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duty in which they are undertaking and ensuring proper disposal of this PPE as well as infective material or other clinical waste. Ensuring that they have good hand hygeine techniques is also very important when it comes to the prevention and control of infection. Proper cleaning and decontamintation of equipment and the environment is essential. Employee's may also ensure that they attend all relevant infection control training, and inform their employer if they notice that infection control policies are being ignored, or if relevant equipment or PPE needs to be updated/restocked. 1.2 Employers have legal, organisational and personal responsibilites when it comes to the control and prevention of infection. It is the employers responsibilty to assess the risk of infection or the spread of infection and they must also ensure that all relevant procedures are in place and adhered to by their staff, as well as providing the relevant training for their staff to attend. It is very important that all information on infection control is displayed and information on policies and procedures are stored where they can be viewed by all staff. They must also supervise their staff, and complete infection control observations, for example, hand hygeine audits. A record of all infection must be kept. They must also ensure that areas are cleaned regularly

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