Unit 6 - Pwcs 25 Workbook (L3)

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|Unit 6: PWCS 25 Understand the role of the health and social care worker | Introduction The aim of this workbook is to allow you to present evidence for the criteria listed below. Your assessor will ask you to consider your job role and experience in your workplace to answer the questions contained within this assignment. Your assessor will assess your answers and provide you with feedback. Unit Summary This unit gives you an understanding of the role of a social care worker in a variety of settings. You will investigate the differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship, and consider the different working relationships to be encountered in social care settings. The unit examines the importance of adhering to the agreed scope of your job role and provides an understanding of what is meant by agreed ways of working. The importance of full and up-to-date details of these is emphasised in the unit. Partnership working is examined in detail, together with the skills and approaches to support you in resolving conflicts. The unit also examines how and when to access advice and support about working in partnership and the resolution of conflicts. Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria In order to pass this unit, the evidence that you need to present for assessment needs to demonstrate that you can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit. This assignment workbook will cover all the criteria for the technical certificate Unit 6 (PWCS 25). Where criteria have been covered is outlined in the table below: |Unit 6: PWCS 25 |Understand the role of the health and social care worker (technical certificate) | |Learning Outcomes
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