Unit 507.2: Education And Instruction

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SUBDOMAIN 507.2 - TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATIONS, TOOLS, & INTEGRATION Competency 507.2.1 Objective 507.2.1-07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Task: A. Describe your instructional setting, audience, and content area to provide a context for your work on this task. The classroom is well lit and open. There is an abundance of room to walk, and enough space for students to move without bumping into each other. The color scheme is neutral, with walls painted an off-white and tan. The carpet is brown. Keeping soothing neutral colors has the effect of calming as one walks into the room and looks around. There are 21 desks, set in pairs, and rows. The teachers’ desk is placed at the “head” of the room,…show more content…
Choose a specific software or technology resource to evaluate. Search for published evaluation tools that would be appropriate for the type of software or technology resource you have chosen. 1. Discuss at least two possible evaluation options that you found. A common evaluation tool used in the evaluation of software products is a rubric. Rubrics are a very popular way to evaluate everything from student papers to complicated programs or equipment. Rubrics can be detailed and personalized for each user, and can contain all the desired processes or points needed in an easy to read format. Rubrics generally give a graduated scale by which software and equipment is “graded”, allowing the evaluator to make an informed decision. The second tool for evaluation is a simple check-off form. These forms provide basic information necessary to make an informed decisions as to whether or not the proposed software will meet the needs of the group. Sections detail desired performance, and boxes are provided to indicate acceptable levels. These forms are easy to use, and can be given to staff to rate personal software experiences. 2. Provide a blank copy of the evaluation tool you will use. See attached “Check-off Form

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