Unit 422-208 Contribute to Health and Safety

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Unit 4222-208 Contribute to Health and Safety in Health and Social Care 1. Understand own responsibilities, and the responsibilities of others, relating to health and safety in the work setting-The responsibilities of keeping a safe environment are making sure there are nothing blocking the fire exit or for people to trip over such as wheelchairs and injury themselves, preventing risks to health by wear such things as aprons and gloves and washing hands to prevent spreading germs and illnesses, disposing of needles after BCGs in the corrects boxes so no-one hurts themselves on them, all electrical are safe to use, training safe in-case of a fire, manual handling training to prevent back injuries, making sure surrounding are clean such as toilets, kitchen equipment. 1.1 Identify legislation relating to general health and safety in a health or social care work setting –The health and safety at work act 1974 is the act enforced for employers to take to make sure you are safe in your work environment for example manual handling to ensure you know the right techniques to take when handling heavy objects and to prevent damaging your back, Control of hazardous substances so that you don't get any chemical burns or anyone else, health and safety so you know what to do in case of an emergency, management of health and safety so you know what steps to take to work safely to yourself and others, Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences to prevent illness/ injury to others. 1.2 Describe the main points of the health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer to provide the appropriate training to staff in order to produce a safer environment such as fire safety checks training staff of what to do, ensuring staff that are trained in first aid and manual handling so they know how to go on about their work in the correct way without

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