Unit 34: Website Design Strategy

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Scenario You are training to be a web designer with Future Design Web Solutions (FDWS), an organisation that provides web design services to businesses who do not have their own web design team. You are scheduled to have a meeting with a potential client who would like FDWS to design a website for their business (the client can be your tutor or a fellow learner). The client knows very little about website design, so in order to prepare them for the meeting, your supervisor has asked you to create some informative introductory materials for them to make it easier for them to decide what type of website would best suit their business needs. To prepare these materials, you decide to carry out research into how three different organisations have developed and used their websites. Your client has hardly ever used the internet and has expressed to you that when it comes to understanding website design, he/she is completely lost! In order to help the client understand how a website could benefit their business, you decide to show them how three other organisations have used websites as part of their business image. Summarise the information gathered in your research to produce illustrated case studies as a digital presentation or in PowerPoint or Prezi for each of these organisations to introduce your client to the concept of website design for business purposes. Once you have completed the case studies, give/send them to the client in advance of the meeting in order to aid their preparation for the meeting. Task 1 Select three contrasting organisations to form the basis of your research. Include: a government body a business to consumer organisation a voluntary sector organisation b) As an introduction to your case study for each selected organisation, describe how the organisation uses its website for business purposes. Tasks 1a) and 1b) address P1

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