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1. (TCOs 1, 2, 3, 4) You are an information technologist for a company. You recently discovered that the manager who hired you is e-mailing a competitor her resume along with the resumes of several top quality employees. Explain what ethical course of action should be taken and why. Include in your answer a detailed explanation of the ethical theory used. What are some possible consequences of your actions? (Points : 50) I would take the position that the manager is engaging in unethical behavior on two counts. In the first place, the manager is using company time and equipment to e-mail her resume to a competitor. This behavior would not necessarily be unethical if she engaged in this activity from her own computer at home or on a public computer outside of work on her lunch break. Using the doctrine of free will, as a free person with a free will she retains the right to act in accordance with her own self interest. If this second company might offer her more money, more job security, or more possibilities to move up in the corporation, then she is justified in persuing employment with them. However, by using her current employer's time and equipment to pursue this opportunity is a violation of her contractural agreement with her current employer. In effect, she is receiving compensation, in the form of a salary, for pursuing employment elsewhere. Her current employer would be justified in reprimanding her int he form of a write up. In the second place, she is also passing forward the resumes of several top employees using the company's time and equipment. This is unethical for the same aforementioned reasons. In addition, while she is a free person with a free will, if she is forwarding other employee's resumes unbeknownst to them, then she is acting both unethically and illegally. By sending the resumes she is engaging in illegal behavior in that she

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