Selina Lo Sees The Light

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As the conflict means one party perceives its interests are being opposed or set back by another party, thus it shows the things happening among the two or more parties. Here in this case, Selina Lo, is a successful but aggressive sales person in Silicon Valley. People are having problems around her going along with the job. She has characteristics that are not acceptable by the people around her. The conflict metaphors mean three different dimensions which are conflict as war, conflict of opportunity, and conflict of journey. The conflict that serves the organization’s interest is functional interest. Although Selina Lo was very much successful with her aggressiveness, she never gave up that. She motivated employees with her scream and yell, employees were fearful of her and finished the job well done. As the functional conflict is very much beneficial for the organization, she would help by fearing people to get the job done. On the other hand the dysfunctional conflict threatens the organization’s interest. In 2004, Ruck us Wireless, Selina Lo was unable to recruit executives from the other organization she knew. The main reason they were aware about her management and leadership style. Ability to manage oneself and interact with others in mature and constructive is emotional intelligence. Selina Lo was very much hostile regarding her management style. Selina Lo was unable to control her emotional activities in the job environment. Employees around her always tried to praise her for her success, but she was denied to receive appreciation. She has to develop her emotional intelligence through self awareness, self management, social competence, social awareness and relationship management. Thus emotionally intelligent Selina Lo would be able to control her in the job which interacting with others. Co-ordination of employee’s communication would be developed. The
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