The Use of Background Checks

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The Use of Background Checks in the Employment Process James A. Butler University of Maryland University College The Use of Background Checks in the Employment Process When hiring for open positions within a company, an employer may want to investigate an applicant’s past history through a process known as a pre-employment background check. This check or process is used to screen applicants to find quality employees. Employers want to know who they are working with before hiring a potential applicant. The background check will verify the credibility of the applicants resume’ and to evaluate if the applicant will be a potential threat to the company. Employers are able to log onto public records and commercial databases directly via the internet to search an applicant’s records. Some companies that employ a great number of employees may have a reputable relationship with a third-party background checking company. The company may even use an affiliated company for their employment screening. There is a fee attached to getting a third-party company to do the background check. Employers conduct background checks because they want to reduce the chances of hiring undesirable employees. Some applicants feel intimidated when employers announce that a pre-employment screening will be conducted. Applicants may feel that they have something in their background that will potentially be counted against them. Background checks discourage applicants who also have something to hide. Employers are mandated to conduct background checks thoroughly. If background checks are not performed by the employer before hiring an employee, the employer may be partly responsible in case that employee later take part in any criminal actions towards co-workers, consumers, or others. “And with our country’s War Against Terrorism, certain employers are under even more pressure to

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