Unit 34 P5 Template Essay

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Test plan: * It is important to test the website before you publish it to your customers on the World Wide Web. This is because it may not work and do everything it is meant to do to the standard and in the correct time planned, thus having a bad affect on the start up of your website. If you were to publish a website to your customers without it being checked over and realising it with faults may lead to many risks, such as information not being displayed accordingly or certain pages within the website not navigating thus diffusing the whole purpose of the website in the first place as well as money. * When a business publishes an incomplete, bad quality website it may end up leading to them losing their customers as they will think that it may not be a reliable and trust worthy company. * Furthermore the customers are likely to lose interest after such an error of the webpage not responding after a long period of time. * There are 2 different forms of testing that a business needs to do through the website before it gets published. Such as : * Functional/System testing 1. Navigation – To make sure that the customers are able to navigate around the webpage 2. Sound – so that videos and audio clip work accordingly. 3. Videos –So that customers will be able to see the gym and be given a virtual tour of that gym. 4. Links – When going on to one of the items the links given on that page to see other items that can go with the original item you chosen works and takes you directly to the correct place. * User Acceptance testing 1. Colour/Visual appeal – The colour stays consistent throughout the website as a changing colour system could make the customer think it is not a reliable and legit organisation. 2. Navigation (correct place and structure) – The correct structure and positioning means that everything with have a

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