Hsc 3004 Unit 4

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Pauline Bent Unit 4222-312 Facilitate learning and development activities to meet individual needs and preferences (HSC 3004) Assessment Criteria Outcome 1 Understand the role of learning and development activities in meeting individual needs The learner can: 1. Describe the benefits to individuals of engaging in learning or development activities There are many benefits to individuals engaging in learning and development activities. An individual will gain many skills if they are encouraged to participate in learning and developmental activities. They can perceive a sense of freedom and independence. They will have a better ability to socialise with other, including a greater tolerance and understanding of others. They will benefit from having…show more content…
The purpose and outcomes of these activities will vary on the individuals abilities. Swimming or walking can promote an individual’s fitness or mobility. Life skill activities such as general housekeeping ie;- cooking, cleaning, ironing, can give individuals what they need to be able to live an independent life. 3. Explain how individual needs and preferences may influence how learning and development activities are accessed or delivered. An individual’s needs and preferences will influence how learning and development activities are accessed and delivered depending on the individuals abilities. I have set up a bowling activity; I have looked at all the service users that are to participate. Due to their individual abilities I have to deliver the session in a way that enables them all to participate equally. I have three people who need hands on assistance through the whole session and seven that are able with verbal assistance. To enable me to deliver this session fairly I allocate one staff member to three individuals. Outcome 3 Be able to plan learning and development activities with individuals The learner

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