Unit 302 Health Social

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Unit 302 Question 1.1 and 1.2- I currently work on Ward West 2, which is a high dependency rehabilitation unit based in Whitchurch Hospital. I am a band 3 Health Care Support Worker. My main roles involve supporting and assisting patients with day to day tasks such as assisting and encouraging them to attend to their hygiene needs whilst maintaining the person’s dignity. I encourage patients to access the community by facilitating leave, I have to be aware of the patient’s risks and need. I assist patients at meal times attempting to promote a healthy diet. I assist qualified staff by carrying out a range of tasks e.g., taking physical observations: BP, Pulse, completing safety checks and observations. I have a reasonable understanding of the Mental Health Act and am able to file important documentation in patient’s notes, so that they are easily accessible whilst maintaining confidentiality. I have developed a wide range of skills while working for the health board. I have learned how to build relationships with fellow staff to work as part of a team. I have also developed communication skills that are beneficial when interacting with patients who have a variety of needs. I have learned to be empathetic towards others and feel confident in my approach to sensitive issues. I do feel it is important to have a sense of humour as this can make patients and fellow staff feel at ease. I have completed several training courses during my time with the health board which have improved my knowledge and skills these include violence and aggression training, diversity and fire training. My ward aims to provide a structured approach to rehabilitation for those individuals who may have previously spent several years in private units. The patients we care for have a diagnosis of a severe mental illness and are felt to be a risk to themselves and or others, some
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