Unit 3 Lab 3.1 Essay

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Exercise 3.1.1 • What would happen if wireless devices were not governed by the Wi- Fi Alliance and each vendor had its own standards and protocols? What impact would this have on your personal life or business communications? o If each vendor had its own standards and protocols, wireless devices wouldn’t work with each other unless made by the same vendor. This would mean that for everything to work together as it does now every wireless device you own would have to be made by the same vendor. Devices from separate vendors would not be compatible with each other. Exercise 3.1.2 • Give another example of a model that is used to visualize something that is difficult to observe or perceive. How does the model make it easier to understand? o An example of a model for something that is difficult to perceive is a movie based on a book. A movie can provide visuals for someone who struggles to image events of a book in their head. By using picture and sound a movie is much easier to understand than a book. Exercise 3.1.3 • Based on what you already know about networks, what are the different layers you think would be necessary for communication to be mapped to a model? Consider direct connections between host devices and connections that require other routing equipment, such as a hub, switch, or router. o Physical, Data Link, Network, and Transport Exercise 3.1.4 • The granularity of the reference model will often determine the usefulness of the model. What will happen if a model is too general? What will happen if a model is too granular ( too focused on individual detail)? o If a model is to general a reader will not fully understand it. If it is to focused on detail it will overwhelm the reader with information and the reader won’t be able to take it all in effectively. Lab 3.1 Review 1. Why would a three- layer model of communication that has the layers

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