Unit 3 Health and Safety

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Introduction This assignment will compare the structure of The National Health Service and Macmillan Cancer Support organisations which provides health and care services in England. Furthermore, I will outline the role each organisation plays in the delivery of health and care services and explore two theories in relation to the behaviour of individuals in one of these groups. The role leadership and management plays in health and social will be examined as well as how environmental factors impacts on organisations. Benefits of Partnership Working in health and social care will also be explored and how it influences the way we communicate in my own work setting. How restructuring can affect a health and social care organisation both negative and a positive will be explored and ways to reduce shortcomings after a restructuring. Definition Leadership refers to the managing of resources and is also the process of developing and communicating the future vision for the future of the entity. The role of leadership in an organisation is also to motivate employees and get their commitment and engagement. In contrast, an Organisation is a body where two or more persons work together to achieve an established goal or a common purpose by utilising its resources (Delahaye 2000). Apply theoretical concepts to organisational structure and culture. Lo1.1 Different types of organisations are involved in the delivery of health and social care in England. Some are managed and operated by the government, some privately owned and some non profit organisation but their collective aim is to meet the needs of the group they represent. For the purpose of this assignment I will look at one national organisation and one charity. The National Health Service became an Act of Parliament in 1946 and eventually came into existence into 1948 as the main provider of healthcare. The NHS

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