Unit 3 M1 Health And Safety Essay

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Health, safety and security in Health and Social Care Assessment. P2/M1 Health and Safety at work: Health and safety Act 1974 is a piece of legislation covering health and safety in Great Britain. It is put in place for all employers to make sure they are safely operating in the working environment, maintaining a high standard to ensure that accidents at work are kept to a minimum. By training the staff on how to be safer and more precious around machinery and other people it impacts on safeguarding for everyone in the environment as it puts people less as risk because hazards are reduce to a minimum. Some of the training involved for employers trying to improve health and safety would be risk assessments, setting up emergency procedures and making arrangements for implementing the health and social measures identifies as necessary. (Health and safety regulations, 2014) The legislation requires good management and employers to have a common sense when it comes to the understanding how hazards in the working environment can have…show more content…
Manual handling is aimed to help employers and employees reduce the risk of injuries and work related accidents occurring by effectively managing the movement of staff, equipment and people. Hazard identification, risk assessment, control measures and constant monitoring are all steps taken to minimise the risk. (The Scottish Government, 2003) In a health and social environment it is possibly more important than any other work setting due to sometimes employers could be handling or lifting the service users. It is essential that employers understand the important of manual handling and promote it by giving everyone who works for them the extra training so they are not in danger of hurting themselves or the service users from lifting or handling in the wrong way. (Aberdeenshire council,

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