Nvq 3 Health and Social Care

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Wendy Hepworth NVQ level 3 Health and Social care Principles of communication in adult social care settings PWCS 31- Q3 - 3.4- Strategies that can help with a misunderstanding might include a written statement if it involves something official that would require the service user to fully understand an agreement or proceedure that they may require. Speaking clearly to a service user and using simple words if they cant understand jargon. If language is an issue get someone to speak to them and explain in thier own language to avoid more confusion. Q3- 3.5- I would firstly speak to my manager to find out if our home had a person on staff who the service user felt comfortable speaking to and look at family members for advise about who they feel comfortable talking to. Social services can provided counciling through a doctors referal so I coudl speak to the services users doctor for advise about what steps to take. PWCS 33- Q2- 2.1- There are a number of legislations to follow when dealing with diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Discrimination, These include The Anti Discrimination Act 1977, Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Age Discrimination Act 1975, Mental Health act 1983 and 2007 amended Act, Human Rights Act 1998, Sex Dicrimination Act 1975 and 1986, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Care standards act 2000 as well as your work policies and proceedures which should work along side and legal legislation. Ensuring services users rights are upheld, Allowing them access to local activities and groups which should also follow legislation and have thier own policies and proceedures to follow whan dealing with service users. This enables the service user to lead a normal life without prejudice about any condition they might have and empower them to be more indepentant which builds self esteem. Q2 - 2.3- Everyone has different

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