Unit 3 Childcare and Education

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Unit 3 – supporting children. E1 identify five pieces of current legislation. The five pieces of legislation I have identified are, children act 2004 , health and safety act 1974, race relations act 1976, education act 1996 and disability discrimination act 1995. E2 describe how each piece of legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The children act 2004 is all about every child matters, so making sure young children are given the best opportunity to grow up, there are 5 sections to every child matters which are, being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being, this would influence the setting as you would have to plan lessons/activities in the setting that are to do with some of these sections, in my current placement which is st edmunds the children have a staying safe and being healthy board where the childrens ideas of what staying safe and being healthy means go up, this includes pictures and collages, for staying healthy the children have made paper plates of what they think healthy food is. Aswell as children understanding these concepts its about the staff putting in and underpinning them in the setting improving outcomes for making sure children stay safe and achieve the best outcomes they can. Staff can make sure children stay safe by doing regular risk assessment in an around the building and keeping them safe. The health and safety act 1974 influences the working practices in the setting as it helps to protect staff/employees in Wales and England, the act makes sure that the person in charge/responsible for health and safety in your setting carries out safety checks routinely, the safety of a child is paramount so any hazards should be jotted down and reported to stop it being repeated, all electrical equipment used in the setting should have annual
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