Unit 1 P6

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P6 -Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders. Political Factors Enhancing the skill of the working population is all about improving the skills of employed people whether it is enhancing skills within schools and university, or the government putting more money into training days and programs for workers to improve on their skills and gain more. Improving the skills of employed people will impact any businesses activities because if the government are willing to put money in to helping and improving the skills of workers within a business, this will give people to apply for job opportunities and different job roles as they will have more skills behind them than before; meaning they are more varied with their skills. For example, if the workers within a business had been in training programs and had gained a whole load of new skills, this would make then much more flexible for the business as it would make them able to take on more job roles and step in for tasks that need to be done. This will improve and impact the businesses activities as businesses will have more skilled and efficient workers than can maybe help with more activities and aims to help them achieve their purpose. Providing organisations to support other businesses is a way to support and increase recognition of the businesses. Most businesses having follow-on businesses or businesses they may have been in business together as they both have the same aim or support the same kind of thing. The government do a lot to support businesses for example if businesses want to start up, or a very well-known and profitable business wants to move around and open up a new store; the government will lend out a grant to pay for the store. However, the government generally hand out grants to businesses that

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