Unfortunate Ignorance Essay

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Angela Cleese Ms. Hammond Creative Writing Period 4 10 January 2011 Unfortunate Ignorance “Ignorance (ig′nə rəns) – noun: the condition of being uneducated, unaware or uninformed” Ignorance is a choice, not something you’re born with. It’s not a disease though it is an epidemic, it’s not contagious but it has spread like a virus. Maybe Plato said it best when he stated, “Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil”. All of us see it on a daily basis, with the tabloids, MTV, crack heads on the bus, “saggin’” jeans, Facebook addicts, and so on. Most people look at these things and think they see the ignorance, that they understand; but in my opinion they don’t. Statistics show us that: 100% of cities with population greater than or equal to 250,000 reported gang activity in 2000, conservative figures show that 150,000 women die each year from dieting- related causes, and there were 11,773 drunk driving deaths in 2008. In our society, these things are accepted; they’re normal. It is a natural human element to want to be apart of something, to seek companionship, and in this people conform. People conform to the ideals that surround them to be accepted by the herd, but almost as equally destructive is the general fear of speaking out even when you know something’s wrong; to let your voice be heard despite the savage contesters. This is where humanity went wrong. We all hold the choice in our hands to dig ourselves out of this quickly sinking grave, but so far no one has chosen that path. We could turn off the TV, burn the tabloids, and put away the goofy trends. Thoreau once wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”, and he was right. We quietly go through our lives doing exactly what we’re supposed to, and what is expected of us, never even catching the notion of really being ourselves, of escaping the ignorance of the masses; stereotypes,

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