Lieutenant Jimmy Cross Book Report

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Ira Paavola 15.4.2013 Regret Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was like the rest of us. Being a platoon leader didn’t make him any different. He was young like us; he felt the same fear, same pain and carried the same weight. He was a quiet man. Friendly to everyone but wasn’t very close to any of the other men. It was clear that being a platoon leader was too much for him. He tried to act confident and sure, but as later seen the real soldier falls. After Lavender’s death, Jimmy Cross couldn’t live with the fact that he had brought his soldiers to danger. He felt quilt and shame. He felt lost and overwhelmed. He felt regret. He made a decision to not lose another man again. He would do his best to protect and to bring the men back home. He wouldn’t want to write one of those letters to the fathers of the soldiers. Next morning Lieutenant Cross was called over by Mitchell Sanders: “Good morning Lieutenant, I just received a message from the CIA. We are going to have to move up to the West as soon as possible. It is not safe for us in here. A fuckin’ Vietcong crew is getting closer.” Jimmy Cross knew he would have to lead his soldiers to safety after what had happened to Lavender. Ted Lavender’s death obviously still…show more content…
It was hot, humid and they could only see a small red shimmer at the mountaintops of Vietnam. It was still an early morning in Vietnam. Jimmy Cross saw the whole situation as his duty to make sure that no one will get hurt anymore, and that his platoon will be safe until the end of the war. He took a careful look around every single corner and kept counting his soldiers. As the sun rose to the top of sky, the day started to become very hot. Before Lieutenant Cross noticed, he had started to run out of water. To make sure that everyone was safe, he started to risk his own life
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