Understanding How Own Role Fit Within the Wider Context of the Sector

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3.1 How Own Role Fits with the Delivery of the Service Provide
The mission statement of my own work place is to observe and promote the principle of mutuality in the provision of healthcare. My Role to make fit in to the fulfilment of the mission includes a) Communicating promptly with the service user, other colleagues and my employer to coordinate care of patients as allowed by regulations. Information systems should be accessible and allow easy exchange of data in a confidential and responsible manner.
b) Making sure patient’s advance directives are identified and utilized
c) Assists patients and, where appropriate, encourages self care and self management of self-limiting conditions through good interaction
d) Provide quality services in the most effective manner consistent with the best interest and convenience of the patient
e) Help to maintain a unified, common, clear medical history and record of patient.

3.2 The Effect of Own Role on Service Provision
The effect of my role in provision of health care service includes i. Reduction in work load for Nurses. ii. Reduced pressure on reception staff iii. Improvement in functioning and performance of service delivery in work place iv. Facilitate achievement of target v. Make service delivery streamlined and smother. vi. Availability of new or extended service to service user such as weight management programme, 24 hours ECG vii. Improve care for specific patient group such as patient in nursing home. viii. Provision of feedback from the service user as a result of better relationship developed with patient ix. General reduction in waiting time.

3.3 Link of Own Role to the Wider Sector
My role as a Care Assistance have direct link to a wider service delivery in Health Sector, this includes

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