Understanding and Appreciating Wider World Culture

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Understanding & Appreciation of the Wider World Culture The world is a colorful landscape of different languages, skin colors, and different cultures. It's important to develop an appreciation for different cultures in order to become a well-rounded person who is sensitive to the unique qualities of others. One way to develop this appreciation is to try to learn about other cultures around the world. There are several ways to become knowledgeable and understand different cultures. One way is to read books written by authors from a particular culture. Reading works by authors who have a close relationship with a particular culture allows people to gain an authentic glimpse into the food, music, language, religion, and way of a life of a particular group of people. For example, when a teacher wishes to expose her students to a different culture, she will often read them stories based on a culture's folklore. To learn about various tribes of Native Americans, she may teach the students stories like The Rough Face Girl by Rafe Martin or The Windigo's Return: A North Woods Story by Douglas Wood and Greg Couch. Another way to learn about different cultures is to try to learn a foreign language. A variety of language-learning books, software, and audio programs is available at the public library or bookstores or even on the internet. If One feels especially ambitious, he can enroll in a foreign language class in order to learn in a more formal setting. Making contact with people who are native speakers of the language allows gaining firsthand knowledge of a particular culture as the learner struggles to learn the language. This might sound funny but a person can also learn about different cultures if he samples authentic food from a specific cultural group. Whether a person wants to learn more about regions in Japan, the Middle East, Africa, or any other

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