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Banned Book Project Every year, books are banned or challenged in the United States. This means that schools, districts, libraries and bookstores will pull books from the shelves or refuse to teach them in classes. Anyone can challenge book, or declare reasons why the book should be banned. This project will count as your final exam points. 1. Your final assignment is a persuasive paper and presentation based off a banned or challenged book. Refer to the lists on e-courses or the American Library Association Banned Books pages. 2. Finish your book by January 23rd 3. Research the reasons why the book was banned or challenged. 4. Decide if you agree or disagree if the book should be banned. You can argue that it shouldn’t be read by a younger audience or in schools, but up to parents if children read it. You can argue that the content and issues addressed promote immoral behavior. Take a side and then build your paper and presentation around that. Persuasive Essay—25 Points Write a persuasive essay with a minimum of five paragraphs in APA format. Persuade the reader that the book should or shouldn’t be banned. Refer back to chapter 13 in your Evergreen text and pages 255-261. A strong persuasive essay will include the following: (See page 159-159 for more information) 1. Facts and statistics—Who has banned or challenged the book? What year(s) was the book banned or challenged? What are the reasons stated for wanting to ban the book? What are the reasons for not banning the book? 2. Refer to an authority—Find quotes from schools , libraries, parents, and educators that support your argument. Summarize and/or use direct and indirect quotes from the book to support your argument. 3. Examples—Add a human element. This can be your own personal experience reading the book, or whether you would want your child to read the book in school. You can also

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