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UFC SWOT Analysis Services: The service offered by the UFC is mainly entertainment in the form of mixed martial arts (MMA). They have events on national television and available to be ordered on pay-per-view. The UFC has also started selling clothes, dvds, and other products. The most recent service offered by the UFC is the chain of gyms it has opened across the United States. Target Market: The target market for the UFC is males between the ages 18-34. Although, in recent years the UFC has been brought into the main stream and has gained a lot of fans outside of its initial target market. Overall Market: The UFC is the dominant player in the world of MMA organizations. Competition is very scarce considering the young age of MMA as a sport. Two of the most notable competitors that are no longer in business are Affliction and Elite XC. The UFC purchased the largest MMA promotion in Japan called Pride, and shut it down. The largest competitor to the UFC today is the San Jose, CA based organization, Strikeforce. The international competition is lead by a Japan based promotion called Dream. This company has been around a long time and has had past partnerships with Pride, Elite XC, and currently Strikeforce. There are a large number of smaller professional MMA organizations in the U.S. and around the world. These companies can manage a roster of fighters anywhere between 15 and 75 fighters. Strengths: • Large Number of Fighters The UFC currently has over 300 fighters under contract. This is far more than their closest competitor, Strikeforce, who currently has 35. This allows the UFC to put on events roughly every three weeks when the competitors can only do them every 3 months. • Loyal Fans The UFC is the first major MMA organization and that means they have the first MMA fans. There is

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