Nascar Racing Research Paper

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You could call NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, a successful business but that would be an understatement. NASCAR is the biggest spectators sport in America, out of the 20 highest attended sporting events, in America in 2004, 17 of them were NASCAR events. NASCAR has 75 million Americans follow NASCAR. That is one and three people in the US that follow the sport, and it’s the number two rated regular season sport on TV in America. Their was more than 2 billion dollars in licensing in 2005 and over 200 licensees. More fortune 500 companies participate in NASCAR than any other sport. NASCAR racing is televised in more than 150 countries and 22 different languages. If you don’t find all that impressive then…show more content…
NASCAR has such a huge fan base you could market almost anything and find people that it would apply to but some companies target market might match better to who watches NASCAR. So out of NASCAR’s 75 million fans 60 percent of those are male and of course the other 40 percent is females. 32 percent are between the ages 18-34, 43 percent are 35-44, and the other 43 percent are 45 or older. 42 percent of NASCAR’s fan base makes 50,000 dollars or more every year, which happens to be more affluent than the US population. The complete income distribution is 29 percent make 30-50,000 dollars, 22 percent make 50-75,000 dollars, 12 percent make 75-100,000 dollars, and 8 percent make over 100,000 dollars every year. NASCAR’s fan distribution is quite significant because it varies greatly in some place. In the Northeast 20 percent of the fans reside, the Midwest 24 percent, South 38 percent, and the West just 8 percent. Also a few notables are 74 percent of NASCAR fans own their own homes 64 percent are married while 22 percent are single and 14 percent are divorced or
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