Tutorial 5 – Attracting and Retaining Staff

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Tutorial 5 – Attracting and Retaining Staff Tutorial Activity 1: Student Facilitation Activity Questions: Theory: 1. Explain why attraction and retention of employees is important to an organisation. Use examples from the Excellent Research University case (or a related example from your own experience) to demonstrate understanding. Attraction of employees is important because it introduces new workers to a business who may possess great talents. Retention is also important due to the fact that a business would not want to lose these talented individuals since they have contributed greatly to the business. For example, Geoffrey is aiming to distribute his policies of rapid growth nationally in order to attract new staff. The current staff who are interested in working on accomplishing the goal would be retained as well. 2. Describe what you understand by strategic recruitment. Strategic recruitment requires human resource managers to adopt recruitment strategies in response to changes in the environment, whether it be internal or external. 3. Explain three approaches to recruitment (sources, methods and EEO). * The first approach to recruitment are through sources. These sources are external and internal sources. Recruiting workers within an organisation is known as internal sources. Recruiting workers from all around the country or world is known as external recruitment. * The methods of recruitment are internal and external methods. The internal method aims to fill a vacancy in a job by using an already existing employee. The external method is when a business aims to fill up a vacancy from outside of the business. Practical application: 4. Research the cost of advertising for recruits using newspaper and internet advertising in your own country. The cost of advertising for recruits is dependent on the
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