Tsotsi: A ClichD Redemption Of A Criminal

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Tsotsi: A Clichéd Redemption Of A Criminal Tsotsi is a cruel, ruthless criminal. Yet, with the use of effective filming and storyline, he evokes sympathy at the end of the film when he is arrested. The audience believes that he has changed into a better man in a matter of days. This is very cliché and typical of any film that shows the evolution of a bad character into a good character. I think that the audience is very naive for feeling sympathy for Tsotsi because he is a criminal that was involved with the murder of two people; Butcher and Zachariah. If anyone were to commit such crimes in reality no one would hesitate to send the person to prison but because of clever filming that made Tsotsi look innocent at the end of the film the audience feel sorry for him. Gavin Hood achieves this by shooting high angles on Tsotsi which make him look small and vulnerable. Along with good acting by Presley Chweneyagae(Tsotsi) , the director effectively wins the hearts of the audience and evokes sympathy for Tsotsi when he is arrested. In a matter of days, the film shows the dramatic change of Tsotsi’s character. He went from being a ruthless killer to being a loving father figure to the baby in less than a week. I think this is very unrealistic and it would never happen in the reality because you can’t become so attached to something so quickly and that something cannot have the power to change a man so drastically in just a few days. The change in the film is portrayed by the visits to Miriam’s house. The first time he enters her house it is by force when he threatens her with a gun, by the end of the film he asks politely if he can come into her house because the director wants us to believe that he has changed into a better man. Tsotsi’s change is also depicted by his caring for others throughout the film. Before he found the baby, Tsotsi was a criminal that only

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