Sling Blade: Film Analysis

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Joey Zevnik Professor Hackett College Writing I 11011-81 14 September 2014 Assignment One: Redemption by Blade Should all men be treated fairly as they are, or do people deserve to be discriminated against? In the movie Sling Blade (Thornton 1996), Karl Childers (Billy Bob Thornton), a man born in the south with a learning disability, has been tormented and discriminated against because he is deemed “a retard”. Due to his disability, people treat Karl as an abomination. Not only is Karl mentally challenged, he spent 25 years being institutionalized for killing his mother when he was 12 years old. Whether Karl killed people or was born different does not mean that it defines him, he is still human, and deserves redemption to prove…show more content…
Mama says it's 'cause he's jealous that I belong to my Daddy instead of him. Doyle proves himself to be a selfish, rude, inconsiderate, and prejudice type of antagonist towards most of the characters in the film, unlike Karl, who acts like a bodyguard for Linda and Frank. Also proof of Karl’s obedience to the Wheatley’s indicates to the audience that Karl could be a better role model for Frank than Doyle. Karl understands that Doyle is a bad man for Frank and Linda to be around. He knows that if Doyle stays around any longer that things could become worse for the Wheatley’s. This proves knows right from wrong and is learning about Frank’s predicament. Karl is the type of person that protects the people he loves, he cherishes Frank and Linda, even with a disability he is grateful for their hospitality; but Doyle is an obstacle that Karl must overcome so that Frank and Linda can live a better life. Doyle dies by the hands of Karl, he kills him because he witnessed the evil that Doyle displayed, “I aim to kill you” (Thornton). Therefore, the storyline’s progression supports Karl’s ability to grow and learn as a human being. Even as a man with a disability, he knows the difference between good and evil. In a twisted way, Karl redeemed himself from killing his mother, because there was no justice to killing her; meaning she was innocent. With Doyle, Karl killed a man for being abusive, a terrible role model, and for having an issue with people who are different. Compare to when he was 12, Karl knew what he was doing when he killed Doyle, he did not flee the scene of the crime because we know he called the police on

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