Troubles in Toyland

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Troubles in Toyland Discussion Questions: 1. In 1999 the context of the Toys “R” Us industry started to feel the effects of Wal Mart and Target which was now giving the toy giant a run for their money. The specialty retailer industry and toy industry in general must know what type of changes are occurring and the changes that would be coming up in the near future. Driving forces that could possibly be affecting this industry could possibly be the following; • Changes in Technology • Customer Behavior – (What are their needs, wants, and desires) • Competition – (What are they currently doing) • Economy –(What is the current economy looking like, are consumers spending more or looking elsewhere) 2. Jerry Storch had a very canny approach which his way of thinking was for the good of the company and to differentiate itself from the retail giants. The approach that helped Toys “R” Us from its competitors was selling different products then the Wal Mart and Target. I really think that this is a very smart move because I recently changed from working for the biggest service provider in the Oil and Gas industry to a competitor who wants to enter the completion tool business and compete with the big boys. I was hired on to kickstart and look for ways to compete in this business so with that being said and working closely with my customers who are engineers for major production companies and asking what their needs and wants were. I have recently sealed a 300 well package deal with one of the biggest players in the Eagle Ford Shale Play area and offering them various solutions that no other competitor could do. What I did differently than some of the other competitors was forming an alliance with a local manufacture who was looking to beef up their local operations and who focused on specialty and quality products. All other competitors were submitting cost

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