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Discussion> HERO BUILDERS 1. Which of the four types of studies are presented in this case? Going thoroughly the case we reached to a conclusion that all the four types of studies are presented in this case. Reporting Reporting study provides a summation of data, often recasting data to achieve a deeper understanding or to generate statistics for comparison. (Cooper & Schindler, 2014) “As part of a growth strategy implemented shortly after September 11, 2001, Vicale finalized the purchase of an e- commerce toy company” * After the incident took place on 11, 2001 Vicale summarized that market for the toys are growing and it was an opportunity to admire the hero of 9/11 resembling George Bush. Which he was intended to do it for his self but after his research he came to know that the potential for the action figure business is high. Vicale found Hasbro and numerous other companies are the biggest players and it has a worldwide market. It clearly concludes that Vicale research gave him a deeper understanding of the action figures market and he was able to make a clear view of where his business is heading. Descriptive Descriptive study tries to discover answer to the questions who, what, where and sometimes, how (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). * Vicale businesses of action figures till larger extend give answer to the entire four questions to be discovered in descriptive research. * He knew for whom to sell as the individual requests became too much so he already had market for his pieces. * He already had the product what to sell in market as well as where to sell, as his friends demand was high for his product and they way of selling it through the e-commerce give an answer to us that how he did his selling in market. * Vicale stepped further to the retail environment (toy stores) and his research concluded that the action

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