Travis Hardeman Sioux Tribe History

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The Sioux tribe Wounded Knee The Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890, where the Sioux fought the U. S. army, was one of the greatest battles in Indian history. The Sioux tribe, also known as the Dakota Indians, was discovered by the French in 1640. However, before being discovered by the French, the tribe was called the Nadowessioux. They lived by the Mississippi River. It was a very large tribe that extended from the Mississippi River to the Arkansas River. Jen Duluth, a French officer in 1976 started a Gallic Standard near the St. Peter Lake. In 1685, the French divided the tribes into seven eastern tribes and nine western tribes. Wounded Knee took place in Pine Ridge of South Dakota, where the tribe took over the town. On December 29, 1890, the Sioux chief, Big Foot, and 350 0f his followers camped on the banks of the creek. Before this battled was fought, the Indians had a traditional dance called the ‘’Ghost Dance’’. The Ghost Dance was a religion that served as a nonviolent form of resistance for Indians in the late nineteenth century. It was a mixture of Christianity and traditional Indian religion. By doing the Ghost Dance, the Indians were asking for protection. The dance scared the whites and was violently suppressed. The whites were threatened by the tribe and wanted to arrest the chief. They also wanted to disarm the warriors. The process was a very tense disruption that lasted for months. The Sioux tribe was very upset that the whites had come to their land, took over and forced them of their land. The whites also hunted the tribe’s buffalos and they were starting to become extinct. There was call put in to arrest a chief, Sitting Bull, at the Standing Rock Reservation. In the attempt to arrest him, the chief was shot and killed on December 15. Chief Big Foot was next on the list to be killed. To seek protection, Chief Big Foot led his people to the

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